A cruise through the Amazon that combines comfort and adventure? Aqua Expeditions is the answer.

1 de December de 2023

The Amazon is the green lung of the planet, a lush region home to abundant wildlife and more than fifty ethnic groups. This tropical forest evokes pure nature and adventure. Can you imagine taking a cruise on the Amazon? Without a doubt, it’s a great idea to travel the longest and most voluminous river in the world while watching life flow around you. If you have an adventurous and intrepid soul, but don’t want to give up a certain comfort, discover the Amazon crossings proposed by Aqua Expeditions.

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most incredible regions on the planet. With 7 million km2, it crosses a total of nine countries, with Peru and Brazil taking the largest piece of the pie. The Amazon River runs through its bowels, a winding body of water that impresses from the sky.

There are many ways to explore the Amazon, but perhaps you are looking for a formula that includes comfort in your river expedition. And this huge tropical jungle is unpredictable and mysterious. Exactly what you need to embark on the depths of nature.

Sailing the Amazon River, can you imagine?

Sailing the Amazon River is on the list of many travelers, although not all manage to make it come true. To immerse yourself in the largest tropical rainforest on Earth, you may have considered multiple options, but none completely convinced you. If you are looking for a trip to the Amazon that suits your requirements, we suggest you consider Aqua Expeditions, a world-leading company specialized in luxury cruises on boutique boats in remote environments. These are its characteristics:

Expeditions on Small Boats

The Aqua Expeditions fleet is mostly made up of small boats. This type of vessel facilitates the approach to any corner of interest during navigation on the Amazon River. In expeditions, the priority is to reduce social and environmental impact to the maximum.

Personalized Service

A cruise on the Amazon will give you the opportunity to sail the waters of an environment inhabited by more than 40,000 species of plants, more than 1,300 birds, 400 mammals, 3,000 fish, etc. All this while you enjoy a fully personalized cruise, as capacity is restricted to 30-40 passengers. The crew-to-passenger ratio is 1:1.

Luxury Designs

The design of the boats combines elegance with contemporary style. The boats stand out for their luxurious aesthetics and for offering a cozy atmosphere in which history, art, and culture unite with sophistication.


Experience the Amazon to unsuspected limits, without giving up the comfort of a luxury cruise. The boats have up to 20 fully equipped cabins in line with the highest quality standards.

World-Class Cuisine

What would a trip be without the gastronomic experience? Take advantage of being in the Amazon to savor dishes from this privileged territory. The prestigious Peruvian chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino will transform local ingredients into irresistible dishes through his “from the jungle to the table” philosophy.

Which Amazon cruise option is for you? 

Now that you know what awaits you, it’s time to get to know the exclusive fleet of Aqua Expeditions boats designed to explore the Amazon.

Aqua Nera, Setting a New Standard of Luxury and Style on the Amazon River 

Among the most avant-garde boats in the Aqua Expeditions fleet is Aqua Nera. The contemporary style is present in every corner of this boat combining elements of Spanish, Portuguese, and Peruvian culture. It has 20 spacious suites with large windows to admire the immensity of the Amazon River. 

The facilities of the Aqua Nera include sun terraces, a cinema, a billiard room, a craft boutique, an observation platform with sun loungers, an outdoor pool on the upper deck, a spa, a gym, an outdoor and indoor lounge, etc. 

Amazon cruises aboard the Aqua Nera are all-inclusive from the moment you arrive in Iquitos, the gateway to the Peruvian Amazon and the origin of the journey. The trip includes everything from private boat excursions to places of exceptional beauty such as the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve to activities such as kayaking, swimming, or fishing in the heart of the tropical jungle. 

For 4 and 7-night itineraries, the Aqua Nera boat has its own fleet of bicycles to explore the riverside populations, such as the town of Nauta. Can you ask for more?

Aria Amazon, a Boutique Hotel on the River

The Aria Amazon boat accommodates a total of 16 luxurious suites with large floor-to-ceiling windows that reveal beautiful views of the Amazon River, four of them interconnected, thinking about the needs of families or groups of friends. Equipped with air conditioning and exclusive elements such as Peruvian cotton sheets, the rooms are magnificent viewpoints of wildlife. 

Designed to measure for those who wish to explore the Peruvian Amazon and the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve with total luxury, comfort, and minimal impact, ensuring very rewarding encounters with wildlife. 

With a classic and refined design, the interior of the Aria Amazon boat proposes a journey with all the comforts. The cruises offered by Aqua Expeditions include excursions in small groups with expert naturalist guides. In this way, passengers will be able to know all the diversity in terms of flora and fauna, local communities, and ancestral traditions.

In the Amazon, it is usual to experience a whirlwind of sensations at the same time: curiosity, expectation, fear, astonishment. Contemplate the grandeur of the world’s largest tropical rainforest from a privileged angle. With Aqua Expeditions you can be true to your adventurous spirit without giving up maximum comfort and personalized service.

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