The Adventure You’ve Always Wanted: A Journey to the White Lung, Antarctica and the Arctic

Destinations that Excite and Feel New Every Time. We’re talking about those destinations for the most adventurous and curious travelers, for those who have always dreamed of reaching the ends of the earth and are not deterred by extreme weather conditions and uncertainty. In return, they have the opportunity to admire nature in its purest form. And what destinations are more isolated, remote, and interesting than Antarctica and the Arctic?

A Journey Through Egypt Along the Nile: Essential Visits

Egypt, the cradle of civilization, the land of pyramids and pharaohs, has always been on the traveler’s destination list, whether they seek history, landscapes, or adventure. Egypt is indeed a destination that touches the soul with its imposing temples and ancient treasures. Moreover, Egypt is much more than Cairo and its pyramids, which deserve a relaxed visit, but only represent the starting point. Join us on this journey through Egypt along the Nile River.

Argentina from North to South: These are the TOP Places

Argentina is not only one of the most attractive destinations in Latin America but also in the world. Its diversity of landscapes and ecosystems will make you feel like you’re traveling through several countries, not just one. Argentina offers the chance to explore cosmopolitan cities like Buenos Aires, delight in the best wines in Mendoza, and admire natural wonders like Iguazu Falls, Perito Moreno Glacier, or the landscapes of Tierra del Fuego.

A cruise through the Amazon that combines comfort and adventure? Aqua Expeditions is the answer.

The Amazon is the green lung of the planet, a lush region home to abundant wildlife and more than fifty ethnic groups. This tropical forest evokes pure nature and adventure. Can you imagine taking a cruise on the Amazon? Without a doubt, it’s a great idea to travel the longest and most voluminous river in the world while watching life flow around you. If you have an adventurous and intrepid soul, but don’t want to give up a certain comfort, discover the Amazon crossings proposed by Aqua Expeditions.

Vietnam to Laos: Adventures in Indochina

Dear travelers,

Today I share one of the most amazing experiences of my life: my trip to Indochina. This historic, magical, and diverse region in Southeast Asia struck me with the fusion of its cultures, stunning landscapes, and fascinating history at every step through the streets of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. An exotic world mix of finesse, motorcycles, handicrafts, and good food. A charming journey.

Grand Velas Resorts: 3 All-Inclusive Luxury Hotels to Explore Mexico’s Best Beaches

Mexico is synonymous with magical beaches, delicious cuisine, and ancient culture. Traveling to this country will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience, whether you visit with family or as a couple. To enjoy a perfect stay, it’s important to choose accommodation that matches this destination. In this case, we’re talking about the Grand Velas resorts, three all-inclusive luxury hotels located at different points along the Mexican coast for a vacation with all the comforts by the sea. Want to know more? We’ll tell you why it’s the best lodging option for your trip to the wonderland country.

The Flavor of Colombia Through Its Most Beautiful Cities and Landscapes

Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, and you would be surprised by all the wonders that its territory harbors, many of which you may not know. This country contains a large part of the Amazon rainforest, but also Caribbean beaches, desert areas, and cosmopolitan cities. If you are planning to visit Colombia, you cannot overlook some of its main cities, such as Bogotá, Medellín, and Cartagena de Indias. We will tell you what to do in each of them and also other nearby must-see excursions.

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