Discover the elegance of geishas and the magic of ryokans in Kyoto: a cultural treasure that will transport you to ancestral Japan.


There is the ancient essence of Japan. Kyoto, a cultural and artistic destination, will transport you to a world of fine ancestral traditions. Discover the magic of Buddhist temples, Zen gardens and traditional architecture that make Kyoto a treasure. Admire the elegance of the geisha and maiko costumes. Take the opportunity to stay in one of the famous ryokan and sleep on a tatami, to feel Japan close to heaven. From there, visit Nara and its temples. Explore the contemporary art galleries that bring the city’s art scene to life and discover the harmony between ancient and modern

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Park Hyatt Kyoto

Hyatt Regency Kyoto

Gora Kadan, Hakone

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Kyoto, where harmony between the old and the modern comes to life: visit temples and contemporary art galleries in this cultural jewel of Japan.

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