Romantic &

Destinations where love and beauty intertwine,
awakening emotions that will endure in your heart forever.

Culture & Discovery
Live new stories, explore traditions, and let yourself be surprised by cultural treasures, creating enriching and unforgettable experiences
Exotic & Natural
Discover the essence of life in the wild beauty of nature, connecting with the environment and renewing your spirit.
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Discover the magic of dream destinations:

explore a world full of possibilities with Betterfly

Welcome to Betterfly, where dreaming is synonymous with traveling!

At Betterfly, you design your trip. Choose and create unique experiences to always remember. 

What’s the great advantage? Behind the screen, there is a very well-prepared and passionate human team to help you and be your best guide. 

Enjoy from the first click; build your own adventure for your long-awaited vacation, on a paradisiacal beach or a full adrenaline trip in Africa, the North Pole, Patagonia, the Inca Trail, or the Maldives. 

Betterfly offers valuable and enriching experiences worldwide so that every moment of your trip is magical and meaningful, and when you return home, you do it the Betterfly´s way!!

Travel Ideas
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Get inspired and explore fascinating places and choose to live unparalleled adventures

“Traveling is an awakening of the senses, an encounter with the unknown that invites you to discover, learn, and grow, leaving an indelible mark on your traveling soul “

Tailored Travel Experience

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Betterfly guides and advises you in planning your adventure.

Guarantee and Support from Viajes Rosario

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Betterfly offers a reliable travel experience with the track record of Viajes Rosario.

All in One Click

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Plan your trip simply and quickly with Betterfly .

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Descubre experiencias y destinos a través de los artículos y novedades del blog que te inspirará en tu próxima aventura.

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Discover the World, one Full Adventure at a Time!

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