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Betterfly is more than just a platform to buy a trip. It’s a portal of unique experiences, designed for travelers from all over Latin America and the Hispanic world. You will have lots of fun planning any journey outside your home! 

Each of your trips is unique. And that’s why Betterfly was born because it makes the difficult easy. After all, it values your time, and your economy, and above all, because it has the support and guarantee of Viajes Rosario, a leader and reference for well-thought-out trips. As a member of Virtuoso, the most exclusive travel network worldwide, it has more than 20 years of experience knowing the world and its corners, choosing the best national and international providers, and adapting the model of organizing trips with the most advanced technology. 

Join our community and enjoy the experience of a BETTER trip! 

Travel freely and explore the world your way, because traveling is discovering the world, but mainly, discovering yourself, because after each trip, your world grows.


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Quality guaranteed, knowledge of the world, experience, and alliance with the best; make Betterfly the most agile, complete, and funonline ravel option, so you can organize and book your trips safely, taking care of your investment. Search through BETTERFLY and book your flights, look for the hotel that best suits your interests, rent a car, choose any experience, or visit what you like most, by bicycle or motorbike! Rent a villa with your friends, or a ski resort for your family. Ask about the cruise or yacht of your dreams.

The world, at Betterfly, is yours!

Traveling is an awakening of the senses, an encounter with the unknown that invites you to discover, learn, and grow, leaving an indelible mark on your traveling soul
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