A Journey Through Egypt Along the Nile: Essential Visits

1 de December de 2023

Egypt, the cradle of civilization, the land of pyramids and pharaohs, has always been on the traveler’s destination list, whether they seek history, landscapes, or adventure. Egypt is indeed a destination that touches the soul with its imposing temples and ancient treasures. Moreover, Egypt is much more than Cairo and its pyramids, which deserve a relaxed visit, but only represent the starting point. Join us on this journey through Egypt along the Nile River.

How about starting your journey in Egypt in the bustling capital and then descending the Nile on a cruise full of adventures and mysteries? This North African country is undoubtedly one of the most complete travel destinations. Here are the points that cannot be missed on your route through Egypt.

Cairo, a Monumental and Bustling City

With around 10 million inhabitants, Cairo can be overwhelming at first. It’s a chaotic and crowded city, but it captivates from the first moment. In it, the bazaars invite you to get lost among hundreds of craft stalls (like the emblematic Khan-Al Khalili). The Egyptian Museum is another must-see if you’re in the capital, especially because it contains ancient treasures like the Treasure of Tutankhamun.

Once you’ve explored every corner of Cairo city, now is the time to visit one of the seven wonders of the world. In about 30 minutes you can reach Giza, where the iconic Pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx stand. The earth tones will be your faithful companions during your journey through the desert, which you can do on foot or by camel.

Luxor, an Expedition Among Millennial Temples

Luxor is one of Egypt’s quintessential attractions and should not be missed on any route through the country. This city is also the starting point for many Nile River cruises, but before sailing its waters, there are several sites you cannot ignore. The Luxor Temple is the most important in this city, raised in honor of the god Amun and guarded by two huge statues of Pharaoh Ramses II.


The Karnak Temple is also impressive, especially the walk that connects both temples through the Avenue of the Sphinxes. During the walk, you will surely feel like you’re in an Indiana Jones scene. You cannot leave Luxor without visiting the Valley of the Kings, an ancient Egyptian necropolis that guards the tombs of many of the pharaohs of the New Empire. Open your eyes wide, as you will have the opportunity to contemplate the tombs of Seti, Tutankhamun, Ramses V and VI, and the Temple of Hatshepsut. The Valley of the Queens is also a must, where the tomb of Nefertari rests, the Temple of Ramesseum, the Temple of the Queens, and the Medinet Habu enclosure.

Esna, an Essential Stop on Any Nile Cruise

From Luxor, it’s time to travel the Nile River southward. Esna is a small town that offers attractions like the Temple of Khnum. You can also visit the local bazaar where you can buy local crafts and the Al Amari mosque, one of Esna’s most emblematic monuments.

Edfu, Visit One of the Best-Preserved Temples

Nile cruises combine tranquility with the excitement of suddenly spotting millennial jewels from the ship. The blue of the Nile merges on this occasion with the desert tones that color the landscape of Edfu, located about 90 km from Luxor.

It’s no coincidence that the ship stops at this point on the route. In Edfu is the Temple of Horus, undoubtedly one of the best-preserved in Egypt. From the entrance, it impresses, although it’s just the appetizer. Inside the temple, don’t miss the robust engraved columns and the hypostyle hall.

Kom Ombo, Home to a Temple as Unique as it is Impressive

During the descent, you will pass through corners that will allow you to become aware of where you are. One of those enclaves with a special aura is Kom Ombo, a small city in Upper Egypt. At this point in the route, you are more than 170 km from Luxor, so the journey is considerable. 

The Temple of Kom Ombo, the main attraction of this place, is a unique, unusual construction. You will have your first contact with this temple from the boat itself, the moment it appears by the river. It is a symmetrical sanctuary, erected as a place of worship for the god Sobek, known as the crocodile god. For many travelers, it is their favorite temple for its details and symmetry and the magnificent sunsets this place offers.

Aswan, Admire One of the Great Works of Engineering

Aswan is a must-see, a city whose strategic location allowed the construction of a pharaonic work. Raising the Aswan Dam prevented the catastrophic floods of the Nile, but it has also served to supply electricity to a large part of the country. The construction of the dam resulted in Lake Nasser, a huge artificial lake that has become another symbol of southern Egypt. 

Apart from this impressive engineering work, Aswan also hosts other points of interest to visit, such as the Temple of Philae or the Obelisk.

Abu Simbel, a Remote Enclave that Does Not Disappoint

Abu Simbel, very close to the border with Sudan, is a good destination to end your journey through Egypt from north to south. It is worth exploring this city to get to know the Great Temple of Abu Simbel dedicated to Ramses II and the Minor Temple, in honor of his wife Nefertari.


As you can see, Egypt is much more than its pyramids. If you desire to travel to this historic destination, we propose the 7-night Classic Egypt circuit organized by Betterfly. Discover the most vibrant Egyptian destinations with domestic flights, hotels, and Nile cruise included. 


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